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  1. Hey Andrew, Where are you located in CA? Happy to point you in the right direction. In the meantime, check out the CSAM locator tool here: https://csam-asam.org/search/custom.asp?id=4861
  2. Hi Anthony, Whether NPs need to be supervised by a X-waivered physician actually depends on which state you practice within. In CA, the CPCA (http://www.cpca.org/CPCA/CPCA/HEALTH_CENTER_RESOURCES/Value_Based_Care/Behavioral_Health.aspx) has provided the following guidance, which is attached: If you need to find X-waivered providers in your state, you can apply to the PCSS mentorship program to be matched with a waivered provider who may be able to assist with identifying a physician in your area who could assist. Otherwise, you can check out the SAMHSA provider locator website to
  3. Also, in LA County, we use the attached expected practice for smoking cessation (with variable levels of adherence from PCPs in our county system of care). Appendix B in this document has a medication summary that may be helpful. Brian Addiction Medicine - Treatment of Smoking and Tobacco-Related Product Use Expected Practice.pdf
  4. Yes, see attached for a handout a few of us used awhile back - I use it all the time for PCP MI trainings, and it was initially developed by Carla Marienfeld at UCSD (with a few edits my myself, Mike Flaum, and Petros Levounis). Feel free to use with attribution. I support the hypothesis that smoking cessation comfort correlates with comfort with addiction treatment in general (OUD an otherwise). UCSF has a great front-and-back summary of the smoking cessation meds: https://rxforchange.ucsf.edu/file_downloads/A9 PRODUCTS.pdf Brian MI Course Handout IPS Oct 2015.docx
  5. Here are some resources: https://tapcprogram.files.wordpress.com/2017/05/csam-webinar-2017-periop-mat-v312-1.pdf https://player.vimeo.com/video/209979609
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