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  1. Liz's patient stated his motivation for the visit was "to get everyone off my back". Dr. Chen mentioned family or friends being more aware of the behavioral problems. In both clinics where I work, a Methadone clinic and a Suboxone clinic, concerned family members occasionally express their opinion that my patient "should" reduce or taper off their medication and cease MAT. I meet with them, listen, and typically attempt to explain the rationale for MAT, emphasizing that the patient's experience(truth) is different from the concerned family's "truth". I don't recall any of these people changing their mind or considering empathy toward their family member on this issue. My internal thought is that they are meddling in another's business and that they would benefit from attending CODA meetings. I have not verbalized this, as I don't think it would be helpful.
  2. I am personally a "member" of the abstinence "camp", but I don't impose this view on my patients. The success rate of abstinence in opioid dependent patients is very poor. And, over time, harm reduction has made more sense to me, in working with patients in the Methadone clinic. This pragmatic approach makes sense. I guess. over time, I am more comfortable with "one size doesn't fit all". A conundrum for me here is the success rate for abstinence among professionals, eg, physicians, is pretty good. But they have contingencies, I think, that aid their success. How to translate those types of contingencies to a general population? MLeath
  3. Hi, I am Michael C. Leath, MD from Longview, TX. Been working in a Methadone clinic for 7+ years, Buprenorphine prior to that. I am interested in sharing "conundrums" and getting feedback from others.
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