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  1. From Greg Rudolf, certified in addiction and pain medicine: I usually preface the recommendation for bup with a discussion about typical unintended negative consequences of chronic use of commonly prescribed opioids. If they are on a short-acting opioid like oxycodone or hydrocodone I highlight the expected “ups and downs” in levels (you described it as going in and out of withdrawal in one of your prior messages) and I Iike to point out that this is never the intended use of short-acting opioids, which are most helpful in treating acute pain from injury or surgery, or when used epis
  2. When counseling patients without OUD on opioids for non-cancer pain, what are essential elements of that risk/benefit discussion? Hoping to use as a template to help train more providers to use bupe as an option for pain. Would love effective quotes you use for this discussion and feedback on what should or shouldn't be on this list. Thanks! The 2019 HHS Opioid tapering guidelines include using buprenorphine but don't detail this practical information (attached). · Buprenorphine is Effective for pain o Smoother longer lasting pain control § Explain
  3. Usually people are feeling great on bupe within a week. Is she taking it properly? SL use, allowing enough time, not smoking before or after? I have people watch the administration video if they’re not familiar with it. Sounds basic but I’ve seen people do a lot of unexpected things if no sedation, could do 8mg tid but I would exceed 24mg/day
  4. I've done a lot of reading on how to transition problematic chronic pain non-OUD patients and I think I've got a good one. There's not a lot written about outpatient transitions for community pain patients so I've borrowed from a lot of case series like the links below. Using a single Butrans patch for 5 days, tapering down full agonist opioids over 3 and starting sublingual buprenorphine on day 3 and increasing should do it! The varying fractions of flims for bernese-style protocols just confused my patients but slapping a butrans patch on seems like an elegant solution to slow microtran
  5. Buprenorphine is a very strong pain medicine. People with OUD tend to have much higher dosage needs than those with chronic pain without OUD. In my opinion, Bupe is a safer opioid for the majority of chronic pain patients on opioids (but it's still an opioid so don't give it to opioid naive pain patients). It's difficult to come up with conversions between the forms. See this table from Gudin's Pain Ther https://doi.org/10.1007/s40122-019-00143-6 A Butrans 20mcg/hour patch is 1/4 of a 2mg buprenorphine for total mg, but how much is absorbed is confusing, and there are case repo
  6. Thank you so much! That is exactly what I was looking for! When people are transitioning legacy opioid pain patients to bupe, are you using 1-2 days of buprenorphine patch and then sublingual bupe, or more of a Burnese method for sublingual only?
  7. I regularly transition legacy opioid pain patients to buprenorphine with great success. My provider group is requesting papers or official guidelines about buprenorphine for chronic pain. I worry a lot this is still in the expert opinion/case study level. Is anyone aware of more official chronic pain bupe guidelines/documents/studies? Can anyone help me out with this? There seem to be so many positives of bupe over full agonist opioids, from less risk, less diversion, less sedation/constipation/drug interactions, TID dosing without escalation and poorly understood things like
  8. Great points! It's a patient of a colleagues. We're hoping sedation, depression and polypharmacy risk will all decrease once he's off methadone. We're planning to hold at 8/2mg suboxone TID and not escalate. I've found my colleagues feel more comfortable holding the line with bupe doses with our OUD work for some reason than with chronic pain opioid patients. But the yelling at staff and intermittent cocaine use probably won't completely go away. Just better to do that and be on suboxone. I agree it'd be better if him (and many patients like him) weren't on opioids at all
  9. thanks, that's very helpful. It's a depressed chronic headache patient very attached to taking methadone 20mg TID, but a number of problematic behaviors (and probably opioids are causing some of his issues) so we want to switch to bup/nal. His insurance won't cover inpatient detox regrettably. I suspect psychiatric symptoms are going to be an issue but was planning to keep going with things until he's on bupe. My previous advice was waiting til 20-30mg methadone before switching so it's good to know I can do higher.
  10. Could I get advice for transitioning a problematic legacy methadone pain patient to buprenorphine? he’s on 20mg TID methadone and the traditional approach will take months. I’ve never done bupe microdosing. Any advice or protocols? I was reading there are 3 week ones. Thanks!
  11. Many providers at my org are asking for a guide to move opioid pain patients to buprenorphine. I know it’s a highly variable expert opinion area and patients vary a lot, but could I get help with general instructions? Or if someone has a guide already? We off label SL bup/nal since belbucca and butrans aren’t covered by Medicaid Should I split into 3 groups? Stop oxy 12-24 hours then start bup... 10-30 MED: 1/2 of 2mg bup bid then increase TID in 1-2 days weekly visits. 1-2mg increase/week as needed. Expect 2-4mg/day 30-60 MED: 1/2 of 2mg bup tid, then increase 2mg Tid
  12. Could I get some feedback on this patient handout about potential benefits of changing full agonist opioids to buprenorphine? We have a number of problematic legacy chronic opioid patients at my org that would likely be better off on bupe Bup for Chronic Pain Patient Handout.docx
  13. Does anyone have brief handouts to improve motivational interviewing for primary care providers? Or summaries of smoking cessation medications? LIke a one page summary or cheat sheet? In my organization, I'm trying to improve PCP's discomfort with OUD MAT by getting them better at smoking cessation counseling & meds. I'm trying to convert our late adopters. My hypothesis is that discomfort with OUD correlates with discomfort/poor skills with smoking cessation Thanks! Matt
  14. Hilariously, Veterinarians have been using buprenorphine as post-op pain relief for a long time. A med student of mine showed me her rabbit's sublingual buprenorphine for its surgical pain relief. There is a depo 24 hour Simbadol buprenorphine for surgical pain in cats available. I think there's some potential benefits of using buprenorphine in humans for acute pain in the non-OUD population. But it's not widespread practice. For example, I had a newly postpartum breastfeeding woman with a very painful pilonidal abscess. We looked at the breastfeeding warnings for hydrocodone &
  15. That's a great handout, but the reading level is very sophisticated. I'll send it to my provider group. Is there a more simple handout that patients could understand about the benefits of switching from full agonists to bupe?
  16. X number training doesn't meet the requirements in WA state, and I doubt it does in IL either. I found the extra pain training helpful
  17. Hi Everyone, How do you recommend starting someone on buprenorphine for chronic pain without OUD? Advising one of my colleagues on how to transition a 39y/o woman on Oxycodone 10mg four times a day, with diazepam, untreated OSA, depression, unintentional overdose after IV opioids in the ED. I've traditionally done the standard no opioids for 8-18 hours, start 4mg bupe, wait 2 hours, take another 4mg bupe, then ramp up 2nd day. My guess is she'll be on TID dosing 16-24mg/day. A colleague mentioned micro-dosing, which I haven't done before. What do you think about micro-dosing?
  18. Thanks for getting waivered and being part of the solution! I work at Neighborcare in Seattle and I"m happy to help if you need anything getting started. Are you having any specific issues or questions? These are some note templates and patient handouts that may be helpful getting started. Bup Note templates.docx Bup FAQs.pdf Bup Home Induction short & long acting Perez.pdf
  19. Hello! I'm a family doctor in Seattle, WA at a large community health center. The easiest and most rewarding part of my primary care job is MAT/buprenorphine work. I've been teaching buprenorphine waiver courses and helping providers around WA do MAT work since 2014. I appreciate having a community to learn from, and hope I can help others have success with treating OUD too. I've made some patient materials like this patient guide to starting bupe at home that you're welcome to use or offer feedback on. I've tried to make it simple enough for patients but detailed enough to teach new
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