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  4. This question was submitted through pcssNOW.org: How do you taper someone off of lyrica? I've seen reduction by 10% monthly. What's a safe dose to stop "cold turkey"? Dr. Anthony Dekker provided this response: As with all anti-seizure medications patients may have an event during the weaning process. If the pregabalin was for pain, stopping at 50 mg per day should be ok and keep the patient well hydrated. If the medication was for seizures, the patient should not be stopped unless another seizure medication was used to replace the pregabalin.
  5. Welcome to the PCSS Forums, Dr. Hanson!
  6. HI, I'm a family physician and family therapist who got board certification in addiction medicine through the practice pathway in 2019. I'm now the medical director helping to start a residential substance use disorder treatment facility between Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio. I've worked in a methadone clinic and had a suboxone practice, but residential is new to me and I'm happy to have this resource available. Pamela Hanson, MD Cincinnati, OH
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  8. Greetings Mr. Acton, This question has been contemplated for as far back as I can remember over my 12 or so years of providing MAT in a unique sort of small rural community that happens to also have med school. Ive seen all kinds of requests come in from oral surgeons, orthopedics, and anesthesia providers where I used to get that request for 7 days off suboxone before they would perform anesthesia. My concern always had been the high risk, if not certainty, of relapse. I was blessed to have an recovered anesthesiologist on staff & we had many a discussion on tapers & how it would
  9. My name is Helena Thomas-West from Bennettsville, SC. I have a MaEd in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with almost 8+ years of experience. I am in private practice serving as a LPC and LAC in South Carolina and LCMHC and LCAS-A in North Carolina as an integrated team member to interested MAT and Primary Care providers who desires mental health and/or substance abuse treatment services. I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge and meeting new people.
  10. Hello Jana, You ask the question how do you define the science behind well-being, this is probably one of most debated question, because of so many individuals Christian belief, but if I had to answer the question the science of well-being has to do with one physical, mental, spiritual etc. Well-being has been define as the positive quality of life experience, for example I remember at age four my father buying me an ice cream cone, that day was good day. So if we mediate on all of our life positive events we learn subjective well being. A person who has a high level of satisfaction with
  11. Good day and welcome to our Discussion Forum!
  12. Hello My name is Genevieve I am from the great state of Alabama were you are greeted with a smile and southern twain. I am a proud caregiver to one of our nation veteran, and grandmother of two. I spend 365 days of the year at most local colleges educating myself on health related topics. I have a clinical practice that partner with major healthcare organization to provide hope to healthcare and patients. I enjoy working out, traveling, and lobbying activities.
  13. Deep thoughts! I have no answer but welcome to the PCSS Discussion Forums!
  14. As my introduction; Just Jana.... I ask a simple question with a complicated answer/answers.. How do you define the science behind wellbeing?
  15. Hi All! Sally Royston, APRN, FNP-C, CARN-AP here. Have been a nurse for 30+ yrs, NP for ~14 yrs and been working in a combination Family Practice and forms of Addiction Medicine for about 8 yrs. I prescribe Suboxone, Vivitol, naltrexone and use The Bridge in various wpractices where I work a combo of part time and contract. I do out-pt clinic and ambulatory in patient detox. I hope to find colleagues with whom I can feel comfortable asking & answering addiction questions of both basic to specific topics. Respectfully, Sally NP
  16. Hello my name is Lourdes Garcia and I am a LCAS located in Durham, NC. I have a MA Counseling Psychology and a BA in Psychology and Mental Health. I have been working in the SUD/MH field for over 10+ years in NC. I moved to NC from Puerto Rico where I obtained my MA & BA. I'm fully bilingual and looking to expand my knowledge and meet new people in the field. I'm currently working in the Drug Treatment Court program as Case Manager for Durham County, NC.
  17. My name is Onesimus Al-Amin, B.A. MLC, I am a MSW student and currently a behavioral health case manager and an associate clinician in Delaware.
  18. Some information from this article on the DEA surveillance efforts caught my eye. In particular, the part where buprenorphine combined with opiates is targeted. Presumably, the off-label use of buprenorphine in the sublingual formulations in combination with classical opioids is looked upon with suspicion. For those of us who work in pain management and addiction medicine, where chronic pain and opioid use disorders are not mutually exclusive, one wonders what prescribing practices may raise red flags or even what is considered to be appropriate. Patients who are receiving MAT do ha
  19. Welcome to the forums! I cannot say but you may want to try posting this in our Office Practices subforum, you may get more responses: http://pcss.invisionzone.com/forum/11-office-practices/?do=add
  20. Hello, I live in Mobile Alabama. I have worked in acute care units for the last 5 years. I have been a nurse for 12 years but working in mental health for the last 5 years. I recently became a board certified PMHNP. I am in the process of finding a PMHNP job. I am currently developing a website focused on getting people suffering with depression, anxiety and substance abuse to talk about their mental health. I would like to communicate how individuals can self- manage thier mental health. I will start with blogging and I would like to provide educational material. I want to first promote this
  21. Welcome to the forms and thanks for telling us about yourself!
  22. I am an Ohio based nurse practitioner. I have buprenorphine waiver and have prescribed in outpatient psychiatric practice with addiction focus for a year and a half. That practice closed with pandemic and I am working with another group that provides tele-psychiatry only. My collaborating MD does not have a waiver so I am not prescribing buprenorphine but remain actively prescribing other MAT. I grew up in Akron, Ohio and had two recovering alcoholic parents who got sober in 1968. I did teenage hospital volunteer work at St. Thomas hospital. Both personally and professionally I have
  23. Hi, I am working in both OBOT and OTP and am looking forward to learning more about MAT. Gina
  24. If you click on the person's name you'll be able to send a message which begins a private threads. That's what I'd recommend!
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