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  2. Welcome! I would refer you to SAMHSA's website with regard to federal regulations regarding MAT: https://www.samhsa.gov/medication-assisted-treatment/statutes-regulations-guidelines For your state specific guidelines I would your State Board of Health.
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  4. My name is Donner Schweitzer. I'm an FNP-C based out of Salt Lake City, UT. I'm new to substance abuse treatment and have had my waiver for over a year. I would love to know more resources about federal guidelines and Utah state guidelines for the prescribing practice of suboxone. My exec team is interested in starting a suboxone clinic in their behavioral health and residential treatment facility. Does anyone have any advice on where to start my research? I've reach out to other MAT programs in the area, but haven't really gotten anywhere. I appreciate any advice. Thank you in advance!
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  6. I reached out to SAMHSA regarding your question and here is their response: The buprenorphine prescriptive authority can only be attached to one DEA number, but you can add multiple locations to your profile, additional DEA number is not required. To add another address: https://buprenorphine.samhsa.gov/forms/update-contact-info-login.php Thanks much and hope this helps!
  7. I am an X 275 prescriber in Maine (for 15 years). Maybe someone can save me some time! How would I expand my DEA license to New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Florida?
  8. Hello All, I’m glad to be on here! I’m a fairly recent PMHNP NP living in Alaska where the need for psychiatric care is great. I’m ready to share & too learn!
  9. More details on our team and what we do for the community. AI Market Development Team Overview.docx
  10. Would really like any introductions to PCSS’s associations e.g. AAAP, etc who are looking for free tools, training, and technical innovation programs to help drive responsible innovation in Opioid Crisis Management through artificial intelligence. We are also interested in being board members or advisors in those associations. We are a new AI for Good team at Microsoft. Fully sponsored and fully invested. I’m Director of AI Strategy for Microsoft’s AI & Sustainability Market Development Team. I own the Microsoft AI Strategy for Healthcare in our chief digital office. I work fo
  11. Our team is an fully invested resource for the healthcare industry to drive responsible innovation through coalitions such as this. We also provide data science, speakers, and trainers all free to our partners. We also work with universities to provide them grants and help them build curriculum that drives the AI for good narratives. We partner with some of the top research institutions in the world including John Hopkins whom I meet with on a regular basis and many others bringing our own researchers to the table. AI or Artificial Intelligence (and Machine Learning) is being used to l
  12. Is Microsoft AI a type of EHR or is it developed mainly for monitoring opioid treatments?. An understanding of the intended role might provide a navigation towards the direction of suggestions. Looking forward to an understanding of AI and what it can do for healthcare industry.
  13. Welcome! It would be great to know more about just what Microsoft AI Strategy for Healthcare is as well as your Opioid AI Innovation Program.
  14. I’m Director of AI Strategy for Microsoft’s AI & Sustainability Market Development Team. I own the Microsoft AI Strategy for Healthcare in our chief digital office. I work for Jacky Wright our CDO of MS. One of our top ambitions is supporting coalitions (both existing and new) such as PCSS in the hopes to drive Responsible AI and broader societal impact such as leveraging AI to combat the Opioid Crisis. Our team is currently working with several of our most strategic healthcare providers such as Novant and Providence where we've been investing resources to bring data science to
  15. This question was submitted through pcssNOW.org: How do you taper someone off of lyrica? I've seen reduction by 10% monthly. What's a safe dose to stop "cold turkey"? Dr. Anthony Dekker provided this response: As with all anti-seizure medications patients may have an event during the weaning process. If the pregabalin was for pain, stopping at 50 mg per day should be ok and keep the patient well hydrated. If the medication was for seizures, the patient should not be stopped unless another seizure medication was used to replace the pregabalin.
  16. Welcome to the PCSS Forums, Dr. Hanson!
  17. HI, I'm a family physician and family therapist who got board certification in addiction medicine through the practice pathway in 2019. I'm now the medical director helping to start a residential substance use disorder treatment facility between Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio. I've worked in a methadone clinic and had a suboxone practice, but residential is new to me and I'm happy to have this resource available. Pamela Hanson, MD Cincinnati, OH
  18. Greetings Mr. Acton, This question has been contemplated for as far back as I can remember over my 12 or so years of providing MAT in a unique sort of small rural community that happens to also have med school. Ive seen all kinds of requests come in from oral surgeons, orthopedics, and anesthesia providers where I used to get that request for 7 days off suboxone before they would perform anesthesia. My concern always had been the high risk, if not certainty, of relapse. I was blessed to have an recovered anesthesiologist on staff & we had many a discussion on tapers & how it would
  19. My name is Helena Thomas-West from Bennettsville, SC. I have a MaEd in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with almost 8+ years of experience. I am in private practice serving as a LPC and LAC in South Carolina and LCMHC and LCAS-A in North Carolina as an integrated team member to interested MAT and Primary Care providers who desires mental health and/or substance abuse treatment services. I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge and meeting new people.
  20. Hello Jana, You ask the question how do you define the science behind well-being, this is probably one of most debated question, because of so many individuals Christian belief, but if I had to answer the question the science of well-being has to do with one physical, mental, spiritual etc. Well-being has been define as the positive quality of life experience, for example I remember at age four my father buying me an ice cream cone, that day was good day. So if we mediate on all of our life positive events we learn subjective well being. A person who has a high level of satisfaction with
  21. Good day and welcome to our Discussion Forum!
  22. Hello My name is Genevieve I am from the great state of Alabama were you are greeted with a smile and southern twain. I am a proud caregiver to one of our nation veteran, and grandmother of two. I spend 365 days of the year at most local colleges educating myself on health related topics. I have a clinical practice that partner with major healthcare organization to provide hope to healthcare and patients. I enjoy working out, traveling, and lobbying activities.
  23. Deep thoughts! I have no answer but welcome to the PCSS Discussion Forums!
  24. As my introduction; Just Jana.... I ask a simple question with a complicated answer/answers.. How do you define the science behind wellbeing?
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