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  3. How you proceed and the impact of management will depend on several factors. If the patient is taking non-prescribed opioids on a regular basis, it would seem likely that full mu use would continue with Belbuca tapering. As such, opioid withdrawal might not be a major factor. If withdrawal emerges, ancillary withdrawal medications such as clonidine could be useful. It would be helpful to understanding factors contributing to the patient's non-prescribed full mu opioid use, such as whether pain was incompletely controlled on Belbuca or whether there might be an underlying an opioid use disorder
  4. Welcome to the forum. You will find it to be a helpful resource!
  5. Welcome to the PCSS Discussion Forums!
  6. I am a nurse practitioner with new X-waiver. I just started employment at a county jail. The jail medical clinic is affiliated with the local health department. The medical director and clinic manager are anxious for me to begin prescribing. Suboxone.
  7. We are using belbuca with alot of our chronic pain patients. If we are maxing out on doses, for example at the 900 mcg range BID- how do we taper off if the patient is taking non-prescribed opiates on top of the belbuca- therefore violating their OMA and placing themselves at risk. I have decided to reduce the belbuca and unfortunately our office does not have rapid urine tests- the UDS can take up to 2 weeks prior to coming back. I've weighed out in my head discontinuing all together and providing them with outpatient treatment vs. tapering off more rapidly but providing the
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  9. My name is Martin Nzefeh a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner currently practicing in MD but license also in DC. Just got the MAT waiver few weeks ago and would like to expand my knowledge and skills on the MAT program by sharing information and ideas with the great minds in this group. Thanks
  10. Great initiative. I would be happy to be of assistance if need by. I am a PMHNP currently practicing in MD and also license in DC. Just got the MAT waiver few weeks ago. Please let me know how I could be of help. Thanks Martin
  11. I am vickie johnson applying for psychiatric practitioner certification inquiries about suboxone waiver and classes about addiction
  12. Hello everyone! I am an Internist that works at a County Jail. We started an MAT/MOUD program with Naltrexone/Vivitrol in 2018. We are now progressing to using Buprenorphine. I received my waiver early 2020 but the pandemic hit so I have not had the opportunity to use it much. I am new to using Buprenorphine. I am looking forward to collaborating with other like minded individuals. Thank you.
  13. My name is Gbemisola and I am a psychiatric nurse practitioner. I am interested in Telehealth/MAT with some psychotherapy too. I am licensed in MD, DC and VA with Waiver 2000 in MD only. Hopefully, this info is useful to your plan. Thank you
  14. Hi I am Dr. Baluja, I am a Vascular Neurologist. Looking to start a Telehealth presence in MAT/Mindfulness. Looking at different companies and their models currently. Would love to work with someone in this space
  15. I also thought I would mention that our website has a "Success Stories" page with some links that may be helpful: https://pcssnow.org/real-stories/
  16. Hi everyone! My name is Breanne Pink and I work as an ARNP in Maternal Fetal Medicine. Looking forward to collaborating with others who deal with SUD in pregnancy.
  17. Welcome to the PCSS Discussion Forums. You'll find a lot of great information here. Be sure to check out our Pain Management subforum: https://pcss.invisionzone.com/forum/13-pain-management/
  18. Hi I am an internist in Dearborn,MI, I'm looking to try & get my patients on Rx Opiods , to get off them.
  19. Welcome to the Forums. I dig your tie. There have been a lot of great threads over the past few years on topics that may be of interest. I would check out this thread which is a helpful tutorial on how to make the most out of our search engine: Thanks and let me know if you have any questions!
  20. I've been an FNP for the past 7 years and recently took a position working at a clinic that specializes in Suboxone. This is a new field to me and I have a lot of questions about interpretation of labs and management of patients. I look forward to connecting with those that have much more experience than me.
  21. Welcome to the PCSS Discussion Forums!
  22. I am currently working as NP in a detox unit. The facility is a CARF and we receive all patients. I have always used the state wide monitoring website as a data tool when getting to know the patients and trying to determine what their goals are for treatment of SUD. I am discovering many of them are receiving pain medications from pain management providers and they are selling their medications, trading for other drugs or as payment for a place to stay. I am not allowed to notify the pain management providers because that would violate the patients rights. They come to the facility where I wor
  23. My name is Jennifer Hale and I am a provider in a CARF facility. I have worked in healthcare for 35 years but most recently (2 years) became an advanced practitioner. I obtained my X-waiver and I work in a detox unit. I enjoy my work, but sometimes don't feel we are making a difference. I'm hoping to learn from other providers and gain pearls of wisdom.
  24. Welcome to the discussion forum!
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