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  1. Welcome! I would refer you to SAMHSA's website with regard to federal regulations regarding MAT: https://www.samhsa.gov/medication-assisted-treatment/statutes-regulations-guidelines For your state specific guidelines I would your State Board of Health.
  2. I reached out to SAMHSA regarding your question and here is their response: The buprenorphine prescriptive authority can only be attached to one DEA number, but you can add multiple locations to your profile, additional DEA number is not required. To add another address: https://buprenorphine.samhsa.gov/forms/update-contact-info-login.php Thanks much and hope this helps!
  3. Welcome! It would be great to know more about just what Microsoft AI Strategy for Healthcare is as well as your Opioid AI Innovation Program.
  4. This question was submitted through pcssNOW.org: How do you taper someone off of lyrica? I've seen reduction by 10% monthly. What's a safe dose to stop "cold turkey"? Dr. Anthony Dekker provided this response: As with all anti-seizure medications patients may have an event during the weaning process. If the pregabalin was for pain, stopping at 50 mg per day should be ok and keep the patient well hydrated. If the medication was for seizures, the patient should not be stopped unless another seizure medication was used to replace the pregabalin.
  5. Welcome to the PCSS Forums, Dr. Hanson!
  6. Good day and welcome to our Discussion Forum!
  7. Deep thoughts! I have no answer but welcome to the PCSS Discussion Forums!
  8. Welcome to the forums! I cannot say but you may want to try posting this in our Office Practices subforum, you may get more responses: http://pcss.invisionzone.com/forum/11-office-practices/?do=add
  9. Welcome to the forms and thanks for telling us about yourself!
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