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  1. Welcome to the Forums. You'll find it to be a great resource. Here's a thread on how to use the search engine to locate existing topics: Thanks much and thank you for all that you do!
  2. Hmm, not sure there's anyway to get notifications of all new content without going in and following every thread that's created. There's another dropdown under My Activity Streams that may be helpful: http://pcss.invisionzone.com/discover/unread/ This provides a list of all content you haven't read yet. Ultimately if you want to be able to find a specific topic I would become familiar with the Search Engine as it will help you to focus in your results:
  3. I reached out to Colleen LaBelle, MSN, RN-BC, CARN, one of our PCSS Clinical Experts who had this response: Even though you have a certificate that you obtained as an RN in mental health, you are an FNP. Your NP license is in family not mental health. A behavioral health practice employs behavioral health providers who can bill under behavioral health and medical providers can’t do that in most places. As you are not an advanced practice psych provider therefore you will have limited specialty in this area. If you go there and are planning to treat addiction you could certainly get tr
  4. Good question! I did a little digging and it seems like the best way would be to "follow" individual threads. You may already be aware that you can follow individual forums (Buprenorphine, Pain Management, etc) in order to get emails when new topics are created. You can also follow individual threads. When you are in a thread if you look in the top right corner you'll see the "Follow" button. At the top of the page underneath the PCSS logo is an Activity tab. If you click on that and then click on "My Activity Streams" you can then search by "Content I Follow." For example I starte
  5. Welcome to the PCSS Discussion Forums! I am not sure about any call coverage requirements but I can bring this question to one of our lead mentors and I'll let you know.
  6. Welcome to the PCSS Discussion Forums!
  7. Welcome to the PCSS Discussion Forums! Regarding your questions abut butrans, no you do not need any further certification to prescribe as it only approved to treat chronic pain and not OUD. Here are some previous threads on this topic you might find helpful:
  8. I reached out to Dr. Dekker who provided this response: I understood the patient has most likely continued use of fentanyl. The problem with fentanyl is that if the patient is still using, it increases the chance of overdose with methadone. I would recommend buprenorphine now and verify the patient is not using fentanyl. If this cannot be verified admission to a controlled setting may be the best option. This is a high risk patient and appears to be a specific patient of record. Again I want to emphasize that we are making recommendations on empiric patient care issues not specific p
  9. Welcome. If you are interested in searching for topics this thread is useful:
  10. Lead Mentor Dr. Anthony Dekker provided this response: Fentanyl has a long foot print on UDS and methadone can be competitively displaced by fentanyl at higher doses. It appears the patient is still using fentanyl and is at risk of overdose especially with the benzodiazepines. I suggest inpatient stabilization and continued methadone with monitoring. Another option would be to taper off of methadone and replace with buprenorphine . The patient must be motivated to stop fentanyl and benzodiazepines and inpatient may be needed medically for that to occur.
  11. Welcome to the PCSS Discussion Forums! I think your work with MAT would be a great benefit as often not having that experience is what holds back newly waivered prescribers from getting started.
  12. This question was submitted through pcssNOW.org: I am confused about comparing suboxone with butrans patch. My understanding is that giving someone 8 mg of suboxone is way more dose than what anyone on butrans patch will have. I also realize that butrans patch is used in pain medicine and suboxone in addiction medicine. 1. But how much mcg of butrans is equivalent to suboxone 8 mg? 2. I realize that splitting up the suboxone dose throughout the 24 hr period helps with pain. But I think I heard that giving someone a little more suboxone (like a quarter of a 8 mg film) can help when the
  13. Yes that's correct, the tablets can be used off-label to treat chronic pain. A waiver is not required and the prescription does not count against a waivered providers patient limit.
  14. Welcome! There is no order to all of the above. You’ve already found a discussion forum. You don’t really need to worry about the “asking a clinical expert section” now because you can just ask your questions here! However I would definitely recommend that you take advantage of the mentoring section to get matched up with one of our clinical experts for some one on one guidance. It’s a great resource that’s available at no cost.
  15. Welcome! Here's a useful thread about how to use the Search function to locate existing threads on topics of interest:
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