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  1. Greetings Mr. Acton, This question has been contemplated for as far back as I can remember over my 12 or so years of providing MAT in a unique sort of small rural community that happens to also have med school. Ive seen all kinds of requests come in from oral surgeons, orthopedics, and anesthesia providers where I used to get that request for 7 days off suboxone before they would perform anesthesia. My concern always had been the high risk, if not certainty, of relapse. I was blessed to have an recovered anesthesiologist on staff & we had many a discussion on tapers & how it would
  2. Hello to the Greetings group, I would like to introduce myself Mike Tino , a physician from Tennessee. I Joined ASAM back in 2008 & became ABAM Certified in Addiction Medicine in 2010. I had Transferred over from prior careers as an Army Medical Corpsman, and Registered Nurse. Although I had originally trained in Family Medicine beginning in 2000, for me, my passion for medicine awoke after seeing my first few addiction & alcoholic patients when I walked into their rooms on the detox ward, or saw them in the MAT Clinic. I grew up with a father that tended towards physical abuse, vio
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