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  1. Is it realistic to say that"brain in patients on methadone heals during sleep."
  2. How important is sleep in the treatment of opiate addiction under treatment with methadone.would you keep increasing methadone dose if the pt his no other wd sx except sleep. Does it matter if a pt ,on high dose mtd,has wd sx before or after midnight,Do you make a different decision adjusting methadone dose based on the timing of withdrawl symptoms.??
  3. thanks for your guidance.since fentanyl has a long footprint in uds,what dose of methadone,and how many uds,s positive for fentanyl will you allow before sending the patient for in house treatment of fentanyl with mtd if you don’t ransfer pt to suboxone.Thanks
  4. Treating a pt with methadone for fentanyl addiction.methadone dose is 155 mg and all ua,s so far are positive for fentanyl,no opiates.He obviously needs more methdone FOR WITHDRAWL SX.At what methadone dose you start getting P/T levels to objectively monitor for safety or do you not care about P/T and keep increasing methadone dose until withdrawl sx subside.I have been getting P/T at 120 mg methadone but my program director has recommended to get P/T at 14o-150 mg,specifically for fentanyl . new point if this pt was using benzo as well,continues to have positive ua for fentanyl and c/
  5. thanks i will follow the instructions.it was helpful
  6. Or on 125 MG methadone.P/T levels 1967/1631.ratio is less than 2:1.methadone is getting close to toxic levels.no other meds. CAN one increase methadone for cont need for more with drawl sx
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