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  1. Hello Jana, You ask the question how do you define the science behind well-being, this is probably one of most debated question, because of so many individuals Christian belief, but if I had to answer the question the science of well-being has to do with one physical, mental, spiritual etc. Well-being has been define as the positive quality of life experience, for example I remember at age four my father buying me an ice cream cone, that day was good day. So if we mediate on all of our life positive events we learn subjective well being. A person who has a high level of satisfaction with
  2. Hello My name is Genevieve I am from the great state of Alabama were you are greeted with a smile and southern twain. I am a proud caregiver to one of our nation veteran, and grandmother of two. I spend 365 days of the year at most local colleges educating myself on health related topics. I have a clinical practice that partner with major healthcare organization to provide hope to healthcare and patients. I enjoy working out, traveling, and lobbying activities.
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