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  1. I am glad so many are on the forum. I have been prescribing suboxone for nearly 3 years in a VA based outpatient program. One of our biggest challenges after pts are on suboxone is helping them with long term abstinence from cocaine and methamphetamine. Marijuana seems easier to recover from. We then face the harm reduction vs abstinence model- very difficult clinical decisions. I’m sure others have faced this in their practices. Pam Baker
  2. What are you interested in hearing from folks on this site?
  3. I am interested in conundrums too. I work at a VA suboxone clinic. Our most common conundrum is harm reduction vs abstinence. Lots of debate on that one. Another is who is "appropriate" for suboxone. Pam Baker, MD
  4. I have struggled with the concept of harm reduction vs complete abstinence from all substances in our program. How is that struggle playing out for you? Pam Baker
  5. Can you say more about how it is a thorn with prescribers using it inappropriately? I have been prescribing it for 2 plus years at our local VA and I have found many of the clinical decisons to be very challenging and not straightforward. Pam Baker, MD
  6. I joined the forum today. I have been prescribing buprenorphine/naloxone for one year in a Veteran's administration MAT clinic. I just got my waiver extended to 100 pts. I want to pose questions and learn from others experience on this forum. Thanks! Pamela Dunkin Baker, MD
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