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Any way to flag favorite topics/answers?

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Just now, glawend said:

Is there anyway to flag a particular question or answer to make it easier to find again?  

Good question!  I did a little digging and it seems like the best way would be to "follow" individual threads.  You may already be aware that you can follow individual forums (Buprenorphine, Pain Management, etc) in order to get emails when new topics are created.  You can also follow individual threads.  When you are in a thread if you look in the top right corner you'll see the "Follow" button. 

At the top of the page underneath the PCSS logo is an Activity tab.  If you click on that and then click on "My Activity Streams" you can then search by "Content I Follow."  For example I started following this thread and so when I go there this is what I see:



So if you follow any threads you are interested in, you'll then be able to easily find them using the "My Activity Streams" function at the top.  Hope this helps!

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I previously set my preferences to follow all new content so I would get email notifications of questions.  So in order to find specific answers I would need to unfollow everything else and only follow specific threads?  Is there a way to get email notifications of all the activity but not follow it?  Maybe the builders of this site could find a way to flag favorite topics without necessarily following them.  

As always, thank you for your help! 

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Hmm, not sure there's anyway to get notifications of all new content without going in and following every thread that's created.

There's another dropdown under My Activity Streams that may be helpful: http://pcss.invisionzone.com/discover/unread/  This provides a list of all content you haven't read yet.

Ultimately if you want to be able to find a specific topic I would become familiar with the Search Engine as it will help you to focus in your results:


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