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DEA licensing in other states...

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I reached out to SAMHSA regarding your question and here is their response:

The buprenorphine prescriptive authority can only be attached to one DEA number, but you can add multiple locations to your profile, additional DEA number is not required. To add another address: https://buprenorphine.samhsa.gov/forms/update-contact-info-login.php

Thanks much and hope this helps!

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DEA Registration is specific to one provider at specified locations and does not cross state lines. You’d have to apply and pay for each state through the DEA. You’d also have to meet the state’s medical board requirements such as controlled substance training, examination and fees.  If you relocate, you can transfer your DEA registration to another state. Best source for info is DEA’s website for practitioners: www.deadiversio.usdoj.gov to reach the DEA Diversion Control Division, 800-882-9539

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