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Hello, I'm a PM&R and Pain Medicine physician searching for answers as to how best to convert patients on COMT for pain to buprenorphine. Many of these patients are legacy patients whom remain on high morphine equivalencies despite efforts to slowly wean. Often reaching plateaus in weaning noting a rebound in pain with diminished function. The morphine equivalency is often too high to convert to belbuca or butrans. I have completed the waiver training. I will likely be treating persistent pain rather then OUD although I'm sure OUD exists within my pt population. I  will look under the pain management forum for futher insite. Thank you


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Thank you Seth. I have found some more useful threads under the pain management section. I'll explore some more. I direct several mid-levels and will want to educate them as well. As I encorperate these transitions I may want to work with a mentor. Is there one you would suggest I contact? Thank you

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