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HI, I’m a DO ,retired (family medicine) for a few years, and just got licensed in OK  with the hope of working a few days each week in a suboxone clinic. I’ve been using the online recruiters (Indeed.com , locumtenens.com, and practicematch) but have found nothing. Does anyone have suggestions as to how to get started in this field? There are many opportunities in other states in this type of clinic setting, but so far nothing in Oklahoma.

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Welcome!  I would recommend going into each subforum (buprenorphine, office practices, etc) and "following" in the upper right corner.  That way you'll get emails when new topics are posted.

Regarding your question about getting starting in Oklahoma, I wasn't able to get any specific advice regarding Oklahoma but I reached out to our lead mentor Dr. Anthony Dekker and he provided some general advice on entering this field:


I believe getting certified for the DEA waiver is quite easy but the treatment of addiction disorders is complex.  The treatment of opioid dependent patients will require the practitioner to be up to date in several medical complications of addiction (ie liver diseases, a multitude of infectious diseases, understanding up to date immunization practice and an intimate knowledge of behavioral health issues in patients burdened with addictions.  If this physician is committed to staying up on these issues - great.  We want to do everything possible to be successful in this regard.  There are several proprietary groups that are looking for providers but I want to give a word of caution.  Pts who are actively using opioids outside of medical supervision are a very high risk group.  The proprietary organizations often make the physician of record assume all malpractice and liability.  Their profit margin is based on high volume and have a package of BH services to meet the DATA 2000 requirements.  Remember I said that treating addiction disorders is complex and the provider needs to be prepared to do the best for the patient.  If you are still committed to serving this population remember to use the PCSS mentoring programs.

Good luck and please take advantage of the many resources on the PCSS Discussion Forum and www.pcssnow.org!

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