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Thanks for accepting me into the group! I am a family medicine physician previously practicing in a private practice for 10+ years and have now moved to an FQHC, with dual administrative and clinical role. This is a PCMH in an integrated care model with onsite FMARNPs, Psych ARNPs, PAs, LCSW, peer support and pharmacy.  Expansion of services include MAT/LAN onsite and plans to begin providing Hepatitis C treatment. 

I am interested in developing templates for prescribing providers for initial care for MAT/LAN and follow up notes, as well as a template with standard guidelines when considering initiation or continuation of a controlled substance for comorbid conditions such as ADHD/Anxiety, not only for MAT/LAN folks but for folks who are transferring from another provider. I have reviewed information under resources and there is some good stuff. I am looking for a comprehensive template for the prescribing provider to improve quality of care and documentation. Anyone work on this in the past?

The research on UpToDate is conflicting on comorbid conditions with SUD. Providers in practices may differ in their philosophy for treatment. How do you manage patients on SUD treatment who complain of ADHD requesting controlled meds and/or reporting failed therapy/allergies/side effect with noncontrolled meds? or controlled Anxiety meds? How do you manage patients with a h/o of SUD seeking treatment for controlled substances for ADHD or Anxiety meds?  My personal philosophy is introduction to controlled meds in patients with h/o of SUD have an increased risk of relapse and addiction. 

Looking forward to collaborating!

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