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Chuck Allred is my name.  I am a family physician in Kansas.  I have been a part time worker at a substance abuse treatment center in Salina, Ks., for about 6 years.  I get a lot of satisfaction in assisting those in recovery.  I struggle with cost issues for patients as well as dosage.  I am sure some of my patients are selling some suboxone or subutex.  But I also believe some people do better on 24-32 mg a day.  Currently we have grant dollars paying for meds but when that runs out, pts are going to be back where they were in terms of cost.  Generic buprenorphine/naloxone is cheaper than their past opioid habit but it is amazing how one figures out that the first year you can buy school supplies for the kids, there are a lot of things to spend money on.

All you states with expanded Medicaid, enjoy it.

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My name is Alicia Hidalgo. I am a hospitalist in Portland Oregon. We are working to expand our treatment of opioid use disorder in the inpatient setting and working with a multidisciplinary team to work to transition to the outpatient setting. I recently completed waiver training. We don't have access to addiction medicine services in our hospital. I am hoping to discover how I can help to be a bridge and transition patients to a successful outpatient plan for ongoing treatment. 

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