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  5. This question was submitted through pcssNOW.org: I have a 25yo patient treated for abdominal pain with 150 mcg fentanyl patches q72hrs? The pain has improved but he can't wean off the patches. Do I transition him to suboxone and if so; how in terms of timing and dosing?
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  7. This question was submitted through pcssNOW.org: For a patient with severe COPD in chronic pain, i think suboxone or other buprenorphine would be safest, and if the Butrans patch is not affordable, is there another regimen that could be tried, even is off label but accepteable in the state of SC. Can that example of what i could use, what starting dose, and what I can titrate to be illustrated?
  8. This question was posted on pcssNOW.org: Frail elder female suddenly self-stopped chronic use (200 mg/day for 9 years) of tramadol x 3 weeks ago. How long will withdrawal symptoms last? Still experiencing soaking cold sweats 3-4x/day, difficulty sitting still, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, difficulty voiding. Any safe suggestions to treat the sweats? Clonidine and Lucemyra have been discussed but not good options for patient. Very remote area here. thank you.
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