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  1. Welcome to the Forum! 

    Once SAMHSA has approved your waiver application you should have received a letter from them indicating your approval and providing you with your X-waiver number.  They then forward your approval to the DEA who will then provide you with an updated DEA license that has both your regular DEA number as well as your X-waiver training listed.  I would not be surprised if there is a delay between getting the letter from SAMHSA and the license from the DEA.  I would contact the DEA if you don't receive your updated DEA license soon.

  2. 16 hours ago, Guest ScorpionMamma said:

    What withdrawal symptoms could one have after using Gabapentin for 5 days once a day and quitting cold turkey? 

    Here is a thread where Lead Mentor Dr. Edwin Salsitz talks about some of the risks of abruptly stopping gabapentin: 


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