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  1. I am currently working as NP in a detox unit. The facility is a CARF and we receive all patients. I have always used the state wide monitoring website as a data tool when getting to know the patients and trying to determine what their goals are for treatment of SUD. I am discovering many of them are receiving pain medications from pain management providers and they are selling their medications, trading for other drugs or as payment for a place to stay. I am not allowed to notify the pain management providers because that would violate the patients rights. They come to the facility where I wor
  2. My name is Jennifer Hale and I am a provider in a CARF facility. I have worked in healthcare for 35 years but most recently (2 years) became an advanced practitioner. I obtained my X-waiver and I work in a detox unit. I enjoy my work, but sometimes don't feel we are making a difference. I'm hoping to learn from other providers and gain pearls of wisdom.
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